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Build websites, prototypes and applications using the latest frontend technologies.

Providing timely resolution to reported problems with existing websites.

Working closely with both the design and project resources to achieve the best possible results in web projects from conception right through to delivery.

Ensuring all work adheres to current industry best practice.

Self motivated, goal oriented and able to work in a team environment.

Use common sense at all times and pay close attention to detail.

Committed, enthusiastic, sincere, trustworthy and conscientious.

Generating new ideas for the posts for social media and other platforms

Writing, editing, publishing as well as promoting the content after the research

Promoting new posts through various emails, journals, advertisements, and social media to attract new people who read

Checking the responses daily wherever it is posted

Making a database of the same for the number of reviews received on the topics searched, written, edited, and published daily

Creating stronger and very creative content that engages the professionals reading the content

Working on the tasks and giving appropriate results within the specified time frame

Responsible for implementing, and monitoring, the company social media strategy

Banner Designing on Canva and Facebook, Instagram Account Handling.

Continually track and analyze website traffic flow and provide regular reports

Edit and post videos, podcasts, and audio content to online sites

Using and researching the internet and new media to reach new customers, generate leads, and retain existing customers

Stay up to date with the new trends in digital marketing practices and technologies

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